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Koh Tao. The easy going place. Koh Phangan Island has also a number of top end places to choose from, for example B52 Phanganis approximately 2 1/2 hours away from Don Sak and about 45 min. from Samuiby boat.

Koh Panghan is almost always a translation of its every month When the fullmoon party has ended and the sun has set on Had Koh Phangan has to show to visitors. Accommodation will be not hard to find at most places on Koh Phangan in cozy Phanganused to be a backpackers destination, today a much more mixed range of holiday makers visits the island. One thing most of guests have in common, tourists want to search a relaxed and interesting place. One exemption can be the Fullmoon partywhen the place changes into a dancefloor. Kohpangan is in the middle of a tropical paradisewith a lot of swaying palms and green turquoise waters.

Koh Tao Koh Phangan. Phanganoffers a few activitiessuchlike wake boarding, ATV Rentals, Elephant Trekking, Jungle Trekking, Snorkeling, Muay Thai, YogaClasses,a Chinese Temple and Lessons for Thai-style Cooking.

Coco Hut Village Coco Hut Village

The Coco Hut Village is one of the nicest resorts on Koh Phangan, it features about everything you need for your holiday, beautiful bungalows, a nice beach, swimmingpool, good kitchen, friendly staff and the location is nearly perfect.

Accommodation on Koh Phangan
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