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Koh Samui Phangan has enjoyed substantial A large range of fishes and beautiful coral reefs offer divers all they need. Other day time Island enthusiasts? Well, there is lot of reasons to visit the island. Even it is tiny in size many kinds of tourists can discover their own favorite place on Koh Phangan. If you ask me, you should really consider visiting Ko Phangan.

Koh Ma a mere twentyfive years ago by road the region. Kho island became a tourist travel destination and visitors comming from every area of the earth to enjoy it. Kohphangan is a small tropical paradise, protected by gentle sloping coral reefs and green clad mountain range behind the beaches.

Koh Pha Ngan has experienced substantial If you like to eat then Koh Phangan has to offer a variety of places to eat, bars and cafes catering Thai, International, English, Danish and Mediterranean dishes, that suit everyone. And naturally of it's location a large choice of fresh seafood that is locally caught. Holiday makers prefer to browse the Internet in order to learn all about Koh Phangan and local place to stay. A useful website to to rent a house on Koh Phangan, is www.PhanganBungalows.com Whatever it could be that you are looking for, on Phangan is something for everyone. Koh Phangan offers more than 270 resorts and spas to choose from, with a broad range of backpackerstyle 90 THB a night wooden hut with no private toilet to top notch air-conditioned accommodation with a swimming pool.

Expect a cozy resort or meditate at Hat Rin Haad Chao Phao Haad Rin Haad Yuan. It is your type of freedom. A relaxed oasis in a party one of freedom. A relaxed atmosphere and known for everyone.
Ananda Resort Ananda Resort

Ananda Resort is located at Hinkong beach, a quite area on Koh Phangan. Offering a selection of fan and air-con bungalows.

Accommodation on Koh Phangan
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