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Koh Tao Phangan serves as nearly all types of people are Another not bad alternative for lodging could be B52 BeachResort, because it's perfect for different types of visitors. It's ideal for newly-wed couples and small families and larger groups as well. If you enjoy to eat then Koh Phangan offers you many different styles of places to eat, bars and cafes catering Thai, International, Danish, Danish and Mediterranean dishes, something to suit everyone. And of course a huge choice of fresh seafood which is locally caught. They prefer to search the World Wide Web in order to learn all about the island and local place to stay. A resourceful place to get informationon the island, is PhanganIsland.com Online booking in advance for events like the time between Christmas and New Year and fullmoon partytimes is a useful advise. Places like Milky Bay Phangan or B52 Resortoffer web sites featuring advance booking for resorts.

Koh Ma a some have dubbed Phangan Sunset Cove because it's A place to stay should be not hard to find all over the island at cozy island of Ko Koh Panghan is perfectly situated near most popular destinations such as Ang Thong archipelago and Koh Tao. The easy to reach Ang Thong consists of more than fourty tiny islands, with many pristine beachesand surrounded with tranquil water. It is interesting the way tranquillity as well as partycan mix so good here. On one part, there are the huge beachparties drawing partygoers with a wide range of different music, fire works and partydecoration.

Koh Phan Gan has some very modern resort while you are Another acceptable choice for staying on the island could be Power BeachResort, because it is just right suited for different kinds of visitors. The place is perfect for newly-wed couples on honeymoon and small families or larger groups as well. If reading a good book, tasting local thai food is your sort of holiday activity, Phangan Koh Phangan is just the right place. If you like to meeting new friends from every part of the globe and having a really good time, Phanganis just perfect, as well. The weather in the Kingdom of Thailandis very equatorial, warm and damp. The climate are caused by monsoons that create three weather seasons in Northern and Central regions of Siam and 2 other seasons in Southern Siam. In the south monsoon happens around May to October has intensive downfall and many clouds, whereas in the northeast monsoon in November to March is bone dry and relatively low temperature.

Centara Pariya Resort and Villa Centara Pariya Resort and Villa

Pariya Resort is a so called 'boutique resort' on the beach of Haad Yuan. The unique styled bungalows fitting perfectly in the surrounding tropical nature in a serenity atmosphere.

Accommodation on Koh Phangan
PhanganIsland.com collected a special variety of private rented bungalows, beach front houses and rental villas put together based on our own experience and contributions from locals of Koh Phangan.

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