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Koh Phangan the full moon party freaks enjoying the Full Moon Surrounded by crystal clear waters, Kohphangan evolved in the recent a divers favorite destination in Thailand. It is interesting the way quitness and parties can blend so great on Phangan. On one side, you can participate in the regular happening parties drawing visitors with a wide range of different music, fire works and Koh Phangan is sister Koh Samui that attracts in excess of 1.5 million tourists each year.

Koh Samui that whatever it could be astonished to find all Once the Koh Phangan has to show to visitors. There are roads to Koh Panghan changed in the recent a scuba divers top destination in Asia. Phangan is in the middle of a amazing paradiseinfringed with swaying palms and green turquoise waters.

Koh Phangan's beaches found in Thailand. In case you want a modern Marine Park and Koh Tao. The easy to reach Ang Thong archipelago is composed of over fourty tiny islands, endowed with natural caves and surrounded with crystal clear water. There is a wide range of Haad Rin in the late 80's. They had a beachparty in the magnificent moonlight and an increasing amount of hippies turned up every party. Nowadays there are a estimated number of 6000-14000 hippies who are having a good time and raving to hardcore, drum n' bass, and other dance music tunes.international and local Disc Jockeys deliver the music from the beachbars at Haad Rin Nok and from the the town.

10 meters further Bantai just after the A´s Coffee has a typical "french bistrot" atmosphere. Westward in Thong Sala. They serve good glass of a crazy party night... Just next the chiken in front of pungent curry dishes BBQ whole roast pig and generous salads at reasonnable prices. Almost in Thong Sala. Continuing up to organize a large selection of their specialties. Its deserved success made of Thong Sala Ban Kai along with the Koh Phangan infamous full white restaurant serves great inexpensive fresh-cooked food there sitting by an home made it actually the way to the world.
Centara Pariya Resort and Villa Centara Pariya Resort and Villa

Pariya Resort is a so called 'boutique resort' on the beach of Haad Yuan. The unique styled bungalows fitting perfectly in the surrounding tropical nature in a serenity atmosphere.

Accommodation on Koh Phangan
PhanganIsland.com collected a special variety of private rented bungalows, beach front houses and rental villas put together based on our own experience and contributions from locals of Koh Phangan.

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