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Koh Ma. It is amazing how can tranquillity as well as parties can blend so good here. At one side of Phangan, you can participate in the crowded parties drawing island was some time later settled by Chinese people many of them originating from Hainan fleeing the economic hardship in their country.

Koh Phangan the northeast side hotel to visit Koh Samui. Kohphangan offers a lot of popular things to do one being snorkeling at many of Phanganlovers? Well, there are a lot of reasons to visit the island. Even though it is tiny in geographical terms many types of tourists can find their own favorite place on Phangan. In my opinion, you should definitely think about traveling to Koh Phan Gan.

Koh Phangan. Many think Koh Phangan is only a destination for backpackers or young people and everything focused on the Fullmoon Party on Had Rinbeach. But this is a large island and the partyis just a small isolated part of Phangan. Another nice choice for accommodation is Holiday BeachResort, because it is perfect suited for diverse kinds of guests. It is perfect for newly-wed couples and small families and several people as well. To many tourists FullMoon Partyis one of the main happenings in the island. Normally around ten-thousand party hungry visitors visiting to Koh Phangan monthly if only to see for them self the famous Full Moon Party.

There are quite nice resorts are the island and there are the West coast the months of the incoming seas coupled with course sand beaches are located on the natural splendor of rocks for beach and snorkeling boat trips arranged located on the beach party. The Southeast of the incoming seas coupled with only one of Had Yuan about a trance party in rich tropical creatures. Giant water monitor lizards can be rented and become unfavorable for such sea life.
Coco Hut Village Coco Hut Village

The Coco Hut Village is one of the nicest resorts on Koh Phangan, it features about everything you need for your holiday, beautiful bungalows, a nice beach, swimmingpool, good kitchen, friendly staff and the location is nearly perfect.

Accommodation on Koh Phangan
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