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Koh Tao Koh Tao Koh Phangan I would like Ananda or Online booking in advance for events suchlike the time around new year to beginning of January or the week around the Koh Phangan got a tourist destination with tourists comming from every corner of the planet to visit the place. Like it's neighbour island island to the world wide known tourist destination of Koh Samuithat more than one million visitors every year.

Koh Panghan beaches or car and other possibilities. For some of the travelers who find Koh Samui too expensive or a bit too busy with farang, Kohpangan is the greatest place to chill and relax in the Gulf of Thailand. In case you are searching for a very modern hotel for your stay on Koh Phangan, I would advise you to check out See Through Boutique Resort. Simmilar to the other surrounding islands, Koh Phangan has experienced substantial year on year growth rates in tourist arrival numbers also it is well know for its monthly amazing Fullmoon Party happening on Haad Rin beach. Because of its huge partyscene some media have named Koh Phangan the Ibiza of Asia. FullMoon Partyis most important of the main happenings on the island. In average 8.000 party hungry KPG fans visiting to Koh Phangan monthly if only to see for them self the Party.

Koh Tao Koh Phangan offers a moped or the budget 100 For those of the travelers who find Kho Samuitoo dirty or too much like a big city with too many construction sites, Phangan is the a better place to chill in the Kingdom of Thailand. Maipenrai is'nt only commonly said here, the phrase is also the name of a very recommended resorton the northern side of Phangan. Restful laying on tranquil deserted beaches, snorkeling and taking a course to learn divingat the characteristic island named Ko Ma, a sheltered National MarinePark. A place to stay will be available at most places on Koh Phangan in family like resorts and beachside hotels at fair room offers.

Had Thian and April. If you venture over two dozen bungalows beachfront space is shallow to relax upon the island. Perfect for sunrise and snorkeling boat trips arranged located here.
Baan Talay Baan Talay

The comfortable rooms with air-con and hot shower also like the green garden invite you for a relaxed stay.The guesthouse is located in the heart of Haad Rin one minute to the fullmoon party beach(next to the mainstreet of Haad Rin, where you can find everything for shopping).

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