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Koh Phangan is something for different kind of 'does not matter' The only exemption from the otherwise laid back and quite island is the Island like viewpoints, National Parks and National Parks. Whatever it is you are searching for, there is something for everyone. resorts to choose from, with a broad range of budget 100 Thai Baht a night Koh Phangan has to offer.

Koh Samui. In the last 20 years, Ko Phanganattracted an enormous number of holiday makers. A few of them somehow find their way back every year to the small paradise. Who are those Phanganenthusiasts? Well, there are a lot of reasons why one should visit the island. Even it is quite small in size many kinds of travelers can discover their own niche on Phangan. In my opinion, you should definitely think about traveling to Phangan. Ko Phangan is a beautiful tropical island, surrounded by gentle sloping coral reefs and green clad mountain range behind the beaches. Weather condition in Thailandis exceedingly tropic, hot and humid. Often weather season changes are influenced by monsoons which create three distinct climate seasons in southern Thailandand 2 differing seasons in south-central Thailand. Monsoon in the southern areas occurs around May to Oct comes with lot of rain and the sky is cloud covered, whereas in the north-east monsoon around November to Mar is bone dry and comparatively cool.

Koh Samui Archipelago Kohpangan is a competitant motorcycle rider then don't When the Koh Phan Gan for every type of budget, availible to book in advance provided by PhanganIsland.com.

Koh Phangan hotels and clean beach.
Centara Pariya Resort and Villa Centara Pariya Resort and Villa

Pariya Resort is a so called 'boutique resort' on the beach of Haad Yuan. The unique styled bungalows fitting perfectly in the surrounding tropical nature in a serenity atmosphere.

Accommodation on Koh Phangan
PhanganIsland.com collected a special variety of private rented bungalows, beach front houses and rental villas put together based on our own experience and contributions from locals of Koh Phangan.

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