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If you enjoy to eat then the island offers you many different styles of places to eat

island offers you many different styles of places to eat, bars and cafes offering you Thai, International, Mexican, Phangan has naturally become in the recent a scuba divers top destination in South Thailand. When the fullmoon party has ended and the sun has set on Had Rin you'll be stunned to see how very much more the island has to show to visitors. On Kohpangan visitors can see typical picture-postcard views of coconut palms , crystal clear lagoons and amazing sunrises. Many think Phangan is only a destination for backpackers or party freaks mainly visiting the island because of the Fullmoon Party at Had Rin beach. But Phangan is not so small and Had Rin is just a small isolated part of Phangan. The least cost intensive way from capital city to Koh Phangan would be to get tickets from Songserm Travel for ferry and speed boats, buses, train, airplanes to Phangan. Another option is to take an 1 hour flight operated by Bangkok Airways every few hours from BKK to Koh Samui and take the catamaran boat to Koh Phangan.

by Alex Tron, posted on Sun Oct 15 14:11 2017

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